Us imperialism in latin america essay

One of the identifiable methods of imperialistic establishment in Africa was Christianity. Christianity was an instrument upon which the Europeans systematically conquered African continent. The partnership, which existed between the colonial government and Christianity, made it easy for the conquest of African continent. For the clarity of purpose, it was obvious that the colonial government depended on the Christians for the persuasion and indoctrination of Africans. While Christians depended on the colonial government for protection of lives. It was this mutual co-existence that gave rise to British Occupation of Africa. However, commerce, Christianity, colonialism and bullets combined to exploit African resources.

The people of Latin America have suffered as a result of US imperialism. In addition to the Mexican Revolution, there have been many other revolts happening. Augusto Sandino led a revolution in Nicaragua against paramilitary groups and dictatorships backed by the US (lecture). The Cuban revolution from 1953- 1959 led to a socialist government and cut-off of economic ties with the US (lecture). In 1959, Che Guevara said that “Cuba will not be Guatemala” referring to the dictatorship and civil war start by the US in the name of democracy and profit (Grandin, 45). Guevara witnessed first-hand the social injustice throughout Latin America on his travels as a young doctor. He saw segregation of the healthy and sick, extreme poverty, and exploitation in the name of capital (Motorcycle diaries). That was not the first time Cuba rebelled against economic elitist – in the 1800’s, Cuba’s top export, sugar, dropped in need resulting in increased exploitation of slaves, with revolts following (lecture). The idea of failure in imperialism in Cuba is still noticed today, as seen in in Journal 1, when Fidel Castro says “we don’t need presents from the empire”.

Fact, Cuba wants little to do with the corrupt, spying, infiltrating, usurious united States… Castro is polite, smiles a lot, says nice words… and IGNORES the “offers”.. that the alien in the white house is making… that is FACT. Cuba does not NEED anything from the united States any longer, those times are long past.
The Carribean nations along with the south, and central American nations have formed other mutually beneficial relationships around the world and with each other.. THAT DO NOT INCLUDE THE united States. Or hadn’t you notice that little topez yet?…..

Us imperialism in latin america essay

us imperialism in latin america essay


us imperialism in latin america essayus imperialism in latin america essayus imperialism in latin america essayus imperialism in latin america essay