Ts eliot essays tradition

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Hi Gabriela,
Well by coincidence I am a member of the Triratna Buddhist order set up in 1968 as the Western Buddhist order by Sangharakshita. I would be very interested to know more about what aspect of him you are exploring in your thesis? As regards your question that was very little Buddhist literature around at that time. There were some translations available of course. Sangharakshita himself had a well-known encounter with the diamond Sutra at Watkins bookshop perhaps a bit later in the 1930s. No doubts that were a few books about Buddhism around I am not sure if the famous ones by Christmas Humphreys have been published by then. However as regards imaginative literature that was certainly nothing which could definitely be called Buddhist. What you do have is poetry that has been influenced by Buddhism to some extent. In my essay here I do cover both Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams a bit, and make it clear that the influence was more generally from Chinese culture generally, rather than specifically Buddhist ideas. The case of . Eliot is different. He had read about both Buddhism and Indian Vedantic ideas. And you can see a definite influence from these in the wasteland as well as Christian mysticism and Western Esotericism and many other strands. There is a book called the Golden Lotus, by Paul Foster, which is all about the Buddhist influence on Eliot. I am not sure if it is still in print but probably you can get it secondhand on Amazon.

Rae, Patricia. "Mr. Charrington's junk shop: . Eliot and modernist poetics in Nineteen Eighty-Four ." Rae asks, if we grant that Winston Smith's acquaintances summarize Well's own history, who might the owner of the junk shop, Mr. Charrington, represent? Her answer, "the poet who engaged Orwell in an analogous experience of attraction and betrayal in real life: T. S. Eliot. Winston's fatal association with Charrington is an allegory of Orwell's attraction to, and disillusionment with, Eliot's modernist poetics." Twentieth Century Literature Summer 1997.

Ts eliot essays tradition

ts eliot essays tradition


ts eliot essays traditionts eliot essays traditionts eliot essays traditionts eliot essays tradition