Thunderbird essay

        One of the most important marketing tools for thunderbird was its website. It offered a plethora of general and specific information about the school.  Compatible with all major Internet browsers, and having user friendly navigation allowed people to easily maneuver the website. The Google Analytics data allowed for the study of; Analysis by region, analysis by source, analysis by day and date, analysis by conversion rate, analysis by bounce rate, and analysis by time of stay. These factors would be able to give Thunderbird an accurate picture of what people from what region are visiting their website how long they are staying on the page, the factors that brought them to the website and much more.

2. Prada Marfa :  You can’t leave with one of Prada’s new crocodile bowling bags, but you can get a great Instagram shot. Contrary to some rumors, there isn’t actually a working Prada store on the dusty desert road from El Paso to Marfa. It’s actually an installation by Elmgreen and Dragset, supported by the Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa, whose existence fuels an ongoing dialogue about permanence, minimalism and consumerism. The door doesn’t work, but it never hurts to window shop; the shoes and bags displayed inside are actually from Prada’s A/W 2005 collection.

Thunderbird essay

thunderbird essay


thunderbird essaythunderbird essaythunderbird essaythunderbird essay