Richard arkwright successful essay

The new Care Home at Oulton Abbey was blessed by Abbot David on Wednesday 6th September. In the 20th century Buckfast supplied five chaplains for the Benedictine Nuns of Oulton and we continue our association with Oulton to this day. The Care Home in the former school was opened in the 1980s. The buildings were no longer up to the standard required thus a new care home was built in the grounds of the Abbey. As a point of interest the Abbey Church was the first church designed by Edward Pugin when only 19 years old. He was the son of A W Pugin.

By the late 1970s, the building of the Cromford Mill obviously reached the end of their usability and were in a state of disrepair. But in contrary to general conviction that it is best to demolish the buildings, the Arkwright Society decided to restore them and preserve the legacy of the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in the world. The Society initiated a long and costly restoration process which has cost about four million pounds so far. They have succeeded to restore the former Arkwright’s mills and in 2001, UNESCO declared the Cromford Mill and other cotton mills in the Derwent Valley as a World Heritage Site of Derwent Valley Mills. None of the mills longer functions as cotton spinning mill but they testify about the technological progress during the early phase of the Industrial Revolution and about their impact on social-economical life in the area.

Though Sir Richard Arkwright was born into poverty, he was determined to become successful and wealthy. His inventions of the spinning frame, and then later the water frame, changed the textile industry and created the first mass produced textiles to be made by machines under one roof. Unfortunately, his factories, as they came to be called, caused a lot of workers harm, and he made people, including young children, work long hours for little pay. Still, his success led to the Industrial Revolution of England, which replaced a lot of the skilled labor with unskilled labor in factories. The Industrial Revolution spread to the United States and changed the work industry forever.

Richard arkwright successful essay

richard arkwright successful essay


richard arkwright successful essayrichard arkwright successful essayrichard arkwright successful essayrichard arkwright successful essay