Racism in remember the titans essay

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Casandra I want to thank you for your honesty and for your story. And I agree with you that the church should be a place where all believers find freedom not only in Christ but with each other. The issues of racism, bigotry, discrimination, prejudice in the church are real. I sometimes wonder if this church environment is a litmus test that reflects on how our society is infecting the church. The church is now a reflection of its racist, bigoted, prejudiced, discriminatory, secular society. The church is slowly but surely not reflecting Christ. When I see the fighting, killing , over racial issues that our nation is experiencing it makes me wonder where is that beacon of Gods light the church? The leaders, pastors of these churches need to take the initiative and deliberately make the changes needed at their church. Yes it is painful, it does create tension but if God is made the head and not the tail the church will go forward with Gods favor. Our secular society is swamped with hurts that are a result of racism, bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice. the church should be a place where none of these are practiced or enforced. In short, our nation and its attitudes are a direct result of the condition of our church. Change the attitudes, beliefs of the church to reflect Christ in all his glory then the nation will find its way to recognizing the church as Gods beacon of light through Christ. Then and only then will our nations issues change. Thank you

Racism in remember the titans essay

racism in remember the titans essay


racism in remember the titans essayracism in remember the titans essayracism in remember the titans essayracism in remember the titans essay