Proponents in thesis

I am sorry. I didn’t notice that you could load more comments. This actually answers my question. Now I happen to be a student and as you may know students have the strange habit of drinking beer;). So let’s say I drink on two or three nights a week, would it still be a good idea to start the day like you are doing with IF(BPcoffee and no food until 2pm) even though you are not really fasting from 8PM (because beer = loaded with carbs)? You see this is very important to me. I know it is not the best but would it still be better to combine a lot fat with a lot higher intake of carbs on a few days than the normal diet(here in Holland we eat a lot of bread so a lot of carbs)? Being a student and eating the perfect healthy diet is very hard since none of my student friends is really diet/health concerned.

DARE leaders not only tend to ignore scientific evidence but even challenge science itself. On one occasion, when confronted with the scientific evidence found by a major study, DARE leadership retorted that "Scientists tell you that bumblebees can't fly, but we know better." 15 Of course, scientists don't tell us that bumblebees can't fly and this statement illustrates a complete lack of any understanding of science. Similarly, the leadership sometimes seems to dismiss scientific evidence as nothing more than opinion or preference." 16

Proponents in thesis

proponents in thesis


proponents in thesisproponents in thesisproponents in thesisproponents in thesis