Proper essay headings

With the progression of advanced technology these days, humans tend to live longer. It means they have to work older to pay for retirement. To tackle this phenomenon, it has been suggested that youngsters should draw up their plan working as soon in their lifetime as possible. Although the bare fact is that working at a younger age could help relieve burdens on workers at aspects of finance, I totally disagree with the idea that it is a positive development.
On the one hand, financial burdens might be relieved temporarily when we start career to make a living at the early stage of life, but labours would not gain benefits in the long run. For example, an accountant can use her early income to pay her retirement, nevetherless she is also under tax burden and work pressure for a longer time that may cause stress, apathy and boredom.
At the same time, relevant expertise means longer duration of training, and starting work at early period of life is a waste of time. For example, a mechanic need to take time to acquire basic knowledge and technical skills relating to physics, maths, etc. at a vocational school before beginning his career to solve several complex problems that even a long experienced worker without sufficient training could not deal with. Furthermore, some occupations like medicine, architecture can not shorten the time needed to finish a course, so definitely it makes the idea of working at early age unreasonable.
In conclusion, there remains drawbacks that mentioned above, I thus accept that getting a foot in the door at early age is a negative development. Therefore, this trend would not be expected in the near future.

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Proper essay headings

proper essay headings


proper essay headingsproper essay headingsproper essay headingsproper essay headings