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Walter Eevers (1966) joined Nitto Europe after receiving his PhD on electrical conductive Polymers from Antwerp University (1993). He was responsible for R&D, and business development, until he became General Manager Techno-Marketing and started working internationally within the Nitto Group. He got involved in global technology sourcing and marketing, by setting up multiple collaborations with universities and research institutes. In the course of this period he obtained Master degree in business administration from Hasselt University (2001). In 2012 he was the founding father of the company Nitto Denko Europe Technical Centre in Lausanne dedicated to research activities in medical devices.

While the Mittelstand has served the German economy well since World War II , it is now faced with questions about how it will adapt to the digital revolution of the 21st century. Many of the industrial machines produced by the Mittelstand are quickly being connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), from manufacturing equipment that can warn owners when material is low to cars that are connected to digital entertainment systems. Strides have recently been made by firms such as Trumpf , which in October 2015 unveiled a digital platform called Axoom that can connect machines built by Trumpf and others to collect data that can be used to help firms improve their operating efficiency. [26]

Phd thesis smes

phd thesis smes


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