Old man and the sea essays

Damian please I have not malign Gen Buhari, what I said is the truth but asking me to come up with evidence is like unmasking myself and my company name used in bidding the contract and availing myself and family members to hired killers or assassins, you know quite well I will not do that. Or have you forgotten about how monies were carried in travellers bags and flown abroad during his tenure and innocent young hustlers killed in the name of fighting drugs or how he labelled Nigerians as indisciplined including yourself? Like I said GEJ or BUHARI o! they are the same only that GEJ is not religiously and ethnically biased like Gen Buhari. Believe it or leave it. God bless the poor people of Nigeria. Anyway they (poor masses) votes do not count.

Wind Chill

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    Old man and the sea essays

    old man and the sea essays


    old man and the sea essaysold man and the sea essaysold man and the sea essaysold man and the sea essays