Mumia abu jamal essay

This video has a retro, 1920s "Golden Age" theme. It resembles the Industrial Revolution with scenes of workers in assembly lines, while company owners oversee the operations. The band plays throughout the video in a room that seems to be part of an abandoned building or factory. In the "board room", executives and developers plot out a sort of "helmet" with a video screen that covers the face. They experiment by putting the helmet on a teenager who is perturbed and upset. The video screen displays a mouth smiling. The executives declare the helmet a success, and shake hands. They take the teenager away in a van, and kill him in a remote area. Because the song was released for the 1998 film Godzilla , satirical "spoofs" of the movie's phrase "Size does matter" appear on billboards in the city scenes. They are:

Zinn and Israel

Just as Zinn held the United States in contempt, so did he despise America's closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. According to the professor, Israel’s creation in 1948 “meant the dispossession of the Arab majority that lived on that land,” and led not only to “the occupation and subjugation of several million Palestinians,” but also to “what we would today call ‘ethnic cleansing.’” Zinn once recounted that “after the Six-Day War of 1967 and Israel's occupation of territories seized in that war (the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, the Sinai peninsula),” he personally “began to see Israel not simply as a beleaguered little nation surrounded by hostile Arab states, but as an expansionist power.”

With regard to the ongoing Mideast conflict, Zinn placed most of the blame for “the cycle of violence” on Israel's allegedly provocative use of disproportionate force—., “a rock-throwing [Palestinian] intifada met by [Israeli] over-reaction in the form of broken bones and destroyed homes, [Palestinian] suicide bombers killing innocent Jews followed by [Israeli] bombings which killed ten times as many innocent Arabs.”

Zinn lamented  further that “in the occupied territories ... a million and more Palestinians live under a cruel military occupation, while our [.] government supplies Israel with high-tech weapons.” According to Zinn , Israeli society was replete with deep-seated “xenophobia, militarism, [and] expansionism.” Added the professor:

Mumia abu jamal essay

mumia abu jamal essay


mumia abu jamal essaymumia abu jamal essaymumia abu jamal essaymumia abu jamal essay