Is psychology a science essay

Established as a department in 1930, the School of Psychological Science at UWA has always led the way in Australia in both the academic and professional fields. We have a proud record of turning out first-rate scientists and practitioners, widely educated in the theory, research and practice of the discipline. UWA is one of only six Australian universities to earn the highest rating of five for the Psychology field of research in the recent national Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation. This ranking reflects the quality of the Psychology staff, our strong undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the School’s capacity to attract substantial research grant funding and the high citation rates of our publications.

This is a writing intensive foundation course in the science of abnormal behavior that offers students the opportunity to study the origin and development of abnormal patterns and disorders. This course is designed to assist students in recognizing and understanding mental illness through increased awareness of emotional, functional, and physiological factors influencing mental health. Specific topics include symptoms, diagnoses, etiology, epidemiology, and treatment of various psychological disorders and syndromes. Prerequisite: PSY-102.

Is psychology a science essay

is psychology a science essay


is psychology a science essayis psychology a science essayis psychology a science essayis psychology a science essay