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I love your crash games so much, they are really the best games that have been made in the history of games. I can’t really describe how good it really is! The design, the hidden levels, the way that you make something easy enough for everyone and somethings really hard, the music(by far the best game music ever) the creativity… You guys are some serious geniouses.
The game just makes me so happy. I don’t play it  all the time, but sometimes, it’s just so awesome to take up the old ps2 or 1 and just play one of the crash games. It really makes me happy every time! And I know that many others do the same.

Thanks for the info on Nikolai Starikov–some of my concerns about cryptocurrencies are reflected in the comments section for that “Youtube” piece. Folks are talking about “huge” increases in the “value” of Bitcoin,–meanwhile over the years we have all experienced insane levels of inflation in the “value” of real estate, stocks, & costs of college educations, and very basic things like food and medical expenses. Looking at the majority of people worldwide, I wonder what percentage of us/them would truly be able to benefit from these currencies, especially the good people in ten different war zones who do not know where their next meal is coming from. I fear that this latest craze is certainly not immune to over inflated values, either, and can just as easily be sucked dry by the rising costs/situations just mentioned. In the mean time, massive debts at the state and federal level have created huge financial black holes–in many states the underfunded pension liabilities are catastrophic. Things like this are completely robbing the people of their ability to escape the inevitable day of reckoning.

Hwo to write a thesis

hwo to write a thesis


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