Globalisation sociology essay

Because of the dominance of Western and Northern cultural, economic, and political ideologies in shaping globalization, some refer to the dominant form of it as “ globalization from above .” This phrase refers to the top-down model of globalization that is directed by the world’s elite. In contrast, the “alter-globalization” movement, composed of many of the world’s poor, working poor, and activists, advocates for a truly democratic approach to globalization known as “globalization from below.” Structured this way, the ongoing process of globalization would reflect the values of the world’s majority, rather than those of its elite minority.

Multi-national organisations (MGO’s) have become very important actors in global politics. They may join together to form INGO’s and together they have very clear political impacts. States may be played against each other to benefit INGO’s economically, they may derive power on virtue on strength on state and they are often very hard for states to control, for example Microsoft.
IGO’s, INGO’s and MGO’s are partly responsible for globalisation and the decline of states authority. Political changes have been forced, authoritarian systems that previously ruled states have been forced out and replaced by democratic systems. Law is now based on justice and equal rights are seen to be the principle of politics on national and international level.

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Globalisation sociology essay

globalisation sociology essay


globalisation sociology essayglobalisation sociology essayglobalisation sociology essayglobalisation sociology essay