Essay about islamophobia

Muslims do feel under siege, but not for the reasons they give. It’s not the fake “Islamophobic attacks” on Muslims that have them claiming victimhood. It is the attacks on their religion that are hitting them where they are most vulnerable and unable to defend themselves, because Islam is indefensible. Muslims living in the West as a minority are surrounded by illumination from without that reveals the spiritual poverty of their religion. Wrapped in the 7th century garb, they are like a slum on hillside in a modern, thriving metropolis, like an ugly stain on the fabric of modern society, like a wart on a nose, like a festering ulcer on the foot of a diabetic, like a cancer of the liver.

It would appear as though many journalists, including Will Hutton, are aggravating an already serious situation. For instance Hutton talks about the Muslim terrorists "launching a war they believe they can win". He is of course trying to provoke a reaction from the readers, which he easily achieves. However, he also provokes Islam, as he later in the article points out the reason for the attacks, solely being the Koran. Now I must profoundly reject. It is commonly accepted among Western journalists that the entire reason for the terrorist attacks is Islam, and I consider this shocking. How can the illicit acts of a tiny group of mentally disturbed people, be blamed upon something hundreds of millions of innocent people believe in? By infuriating something like this, the media must acknowledge that it has some part to play in the tensions between east and west.

Essay about islamophobia

essay about islamophobia


essay about islamophobiaessay about islamophobiaessay about islamophobiaessay about islamophobia