Dissertation ideas child abuse

I would also narrow down the question.. Maybe focus on your last point about children's holistic development. Something like 'how can a good quality outside play space promote/ support children's holistic development. Then in your literature review you could define and research what makes a 'quality' outside space (malleable materials, uneven surface, spaces to hide, be creative etc).

I would use triangulation for methodology, for example:

- observations of children in one or two outdoor settings
- interview with staff members of early years setting
-child mapping (look at perspective of voice of the child). Could even include children's comments but not sure on your word count.

I finished my degree in ecs about 6 yrs ago, my focus at work is forest school so let me know if u have any more questions.

Good luck!!

Children are capable of learning through their own constructions. This is made possible through the use of symbols. For example, . uses colors to depict the looks of objects in his environment. He has painted the car in a color that, according to him, represents their family car.  When asked, he actually stresses that the car is “daddy’s car”. This is what Berger referred to as “egocentrism” in his writing.  Although he may not be very accurate in his decoration of objects, this is a clear indication of advancement in cognitive skills development.

Dissertation ideas child abuse

dissertation ideas child abuse


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