Define undergraduate coursework

Every day is different for me. Some days I will be working in the office, some meeting colleagues at our different sites, and some a combination of both! The office is a relaxed environment with hot-desking facilities, so you can work alongside a different team member each day. The OneHR collaboration space is an easy casual meeting area, to take discussions away from the desks, helping to break up the day which keeps everyone active and engaged. I undertake a variety of tasks throughout the week, making my role very diverse, including desk-based tasks and working with my customer groups, Global Corporate Functions, alongside my team.

BSBA Accounting Specialization  The accounting specialization prepares students to enter a variety of accounting careers. Students should finish the required  AUM Core Curriculum  and the College of Business Core before starting the Accounting Specialization. The accounting program consists of six required core courses, designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills generally expected of all entry-level accountants, and two required accounting electives. Students have the opportunity to select electives, allowing them to tailor their educational experience based on their goals after AUM. 

Define undergraduate coursework

define undergraduate coursework


define undergraduate courseworkdefine undergraduate courseworkdefine undergraduate courseworkdefine undergraduate coursework