Comparing apples oranges essay

5. hadoop or any other DFS or graph key-value (tupple ) storage system is only one of many Software packages to be CONSIDERED FOR DW (processing,querying and integrating) at any company to work with large volumes of data.
6. COMMON misconception at IT shops about hadoop: it is ‘software engine to support data processing and data manipulation/querying’. it is not -just a file system (not advanced) to provide cheap storage of data files, not secure unless data is incripted.
to support distributed solutions is exponentially growing with new features/data implementations.
8. apples and oranges – when job descriptions are saying HADOOP DW architect…- it makes me smile as hadoop knowledge can help only as 1/100 for skill set needed to build DW on hadoop…
as well as data scientist (analytics/math expert) on hadoop – this is complete nonsense, as hadoop MAP Reduce hardly can support simple linear algebra iterations or recursions algorithms , not mentioning statistical formulas…buzz…buzz…buzz…

More importantly, investors need to remember that they are due a return for the risk they are taking. For stocks, this is called the equity risk premium, and it has been paid to investors for more than 100 years. It is typically 4-6% above the risk-free rate of return, or the return on short-term government bonds. The return on stocks also has an inflation component and a growth component. We have been talking to clients over the past several quarters about adjusting return expectations due to the low inflation and low growth environment we have been experiencing, but investors will continue to be compensated for the risks that exist. Once again, the compensation for these factors may come in fits and starts, but they have consistently been realized since the inception of investing in all asset classes.

It is suggested here that, given the huge resource gap between them, a common ranking across Central and private institutions on the one hand and State-level institutions on the other does not make much sense in our country — it is simply not apple-to-apple! It can however make sense if the performance index values for an institution are normalised with respect to the investments and resources that have gone into that institution. Alternatively, the present NIRF scheme could be retained for Central and private autonomous institutions, and another suitable scheme should be evolved for the State-level institutions, each being made compulsory for its category. Being in comparable conditions, each institution will be motivated to do better within its category, which should in any case be the primary goal of any ranking exercise. Any State-level institution should also be free to join the elite ranking scheme additionally if it so chooses.

Comparing apples oranges essay

comparing apples oranges essay


comparing apples oranges essaycomparing apples oranges essaycomparing apples oranges essaycomparing apples oranges essay