Colorado home essay contest

Under limited circumstances, an applicant may be exempt from taking the Colorado Bar Exam.  Applicant must be 1) a graduate of an ABA accredited law school, 2) must be admitted in a state which permits Colorado attorneys to be admitted on motion, 3) must have actively practiced in that state, and 4) must have practiced law for 5 of 7 years immediately preceding application. Otherwise, applicants must sit for the Colorado Bar Exam.

In the end, the "writing test monster" was defeated, and my students faced the test with confidence and the tools they needed to be successful. I am proud to report that 17 out of my 18 students passed the writing test that year, and there was great jubilation in the classroom. The one student who didn't pass the test wrote to the state to ask for an explanation of her score. She received a detailed response and with a little more practice she passed the writing test on the next round. I am very proud of all of my students, and I feel honored to have played an important part in their successful graduation from high school. For many of them, these very basic writing skills provided a foundation with which to develop more advanced skills in college, and to ensure future success in their careers.

Colorado home essay contest

colorado home essay contest


colorado home essay contestcolorado home essay contestcolorado home essay contestcolorado home essay contest