Bermuda triangle research papers

This kid really needs to put his feet on earth again. This New Age bulshit is destroying reasoning capacity of these people. I wonder how many have really made a quartz crystal throw a beam of light.

Do your research again, I wonder if he has ever used a Vogel Crystal (BTW, genine Vogel Cut Crystal are very expensive $400 USD or more))

This article is clearly fake. People are still beliving all kind of stuff without even filtering it. Wake up, there is a lot to do in this world: sick, poor, sad people. Wars, hate, etc.

A partnering system of multiple public transportation agencies currently serves the Triangle region under the joint GoTransit branding. Raleigh is served by the Capital Area Transit (CAT) municipal transit system, while Durham has the Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA) system. Chapel Hill is served by Chapel Hill Transit , and Cary is served by C-Tran public transit systems. However, Triangle Transit , formerly called the Triangle Transit Authority (TTA), works in cooperation with all area transit systems by offering transfers between its own routes and those of the other systems. Triangle Transit also coordinates an extensive vanpool and rideshare program that serves the region's larger employers and commute destinations.

Meaning that the area is still active seismically and you are seeing that parts of Cuba are still sinking.
Current geological knowledge and data indicates that the area is still very active and sinking even now. We are not done with this research. We need to still do more research, collect more samples, provide more observation to be sure about what we are talking about. But something is very safe to say now is that we are not dealing with blocks that have been falling down from the slope. They (megalithic stones) are very unique structures.

Bermuda triangle research papers

bermuda triangle research papers


bermuda triangle research papersbermuda triangle research papersbermuda triangle research papersbermuda triangle research papers