Belle de jour essay

Observe, there is not a single false, or even overcharged, expression. ' Mound ' of the sea wave is perfectly simple and true; ' changing ' is as familiar as may be; ' foam that passed away ', strictly literal; and the whole line descriptive of the reality with a degree of accuracy which I know not any other verse, in the range of poetry, that altogether equals. For most people have not a distinct idea of the clumsiness and massiveness of a large wave. The word ' wave ' is used too generally of ripples and breakers, and bendings in light drapery or grass: it does not by itself convey a perfect image. But the word ' mound ' is heavy, large, dark, definite; there is no mistaking the kind of wave meant, nor missing the sight of it. Then the term ' changing ' has a peculiar force also. Most people think of waves as rising and falling. But if they look at the sea carefully, they will perceive that the waves do not rise and fall. They change. Change both place and form, but they do not fall; one wave goes on, and on, and still on; now lower, now higher, now tossing its mane like a horse, now building itself together like a wall, now shaking, now steady, but still the same wave, till at last it seems struck by something, and changes, one knows not how, — becomes another wave.

Male Beauties: One-Hit Wonder Richard Davalos (11/05/1930) who played James Dean's brother in "East of Eden" (1955), father of actress Elyssa Davalos, grandfather of actress Alexa Davalos.
Fair-haired, blue-eyed John Ericson (9/23/1926), "Bad Day At Black Rock" (1955), "Pretty Boy Floyd" (1960), co-star to "Honey West" (1965) TV series, many other credits.
Dark-haired, blue-eyed William Reynolds, Douglas Sirk dramas, science-fiction classics, but best known for TV series, "The ." (1967-1974).

Belle de jour essay

belle de jour essay


belle de jour essaybelle de jour essaybelle de jour essaybelle de jour essay