Antigone criticism essay

One of the aims of the Great Books Tutorial is to give you guidance in analyzing the literature that you are reading. It is hoped that as you progress through the tutorials, you will show increasing evidence of analytical skills both in your contribution to class discussions and in your written compositions. A comment that Mr. Hinrichs is known to make regularly on papers is that he hopes to see more analysis next time. Below are some ideas gleaned from Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren's How to Read a Book and applied to the GBT.

Visible Thinking – Student Activities
3, 2, 1 Bridge
Circle of Viewpoints
Claim Support Question
Compass Points
Creative Hunt – Looking at parts, purposes, and audiences
Creative Questions
CSI – Color, Symbol, Image
Does it Fit      
Explanation Game
Here/Now There/Then
Options Diamond
Question Sorts
Question Starts
Red Light,Yellow Light for Truth
Reporters Notebook – Separating fact and feeling
See/Think/Wonder – exploring works of art and other interesting things
Step Inside: Perceive,Know about, Care about
Stop Look Listen – clarifying claims and sources
Think Puzzle Explore
Tug of War – the complexity of fairness dilemmas
Used to think – But now, I think
What Makes You Say That?

Antigone criticism essay

antigone criticism essay


antigone criticism essayantigone criticism essayantigone criticism essayantigone criticism essay